Self Portrait of Mark on Film


photography⁝writing⁝web development

striving to perceive things as they are through the expressions of art, story, and wisdom.

why the key?

the key symbol is a nod to the chaves family name. the chaves' were the keepers of the keys. i also have a keychain in the form of an old school key. the blade part of this keychain is the letter ‘m’. i still use this keychain today—it was a gift from my mother when i was very young.

i’m originally from the philippines, but i grew up in northeastern ohio of the us. i am a freelance photographer, writer, and web developer based in bali, indonesia. i contribute to news, wellness, travel, and photography agencies. my photography has been exhibited in bali, europe, and the us. before morphing into a freelancer, i slung code and managed web teams for fortune 500 companies.

my favourite meditations are a good book with a cappuccino, feeding stray cats and dogs, and wishing to be a rock star in my next life. i would be very disappointed if you were in bali and didn’t meet me for a coffee.

self portrait in Bhutan - mark l chaves

i'm no longer maintaining this site.
i'm moving this site to caughtmyeye.dev.