Avada on WordPress with no CSS Sprites

When you hover over the images below, you will notice there are six total images on this page. This is a typical example of how images are used in WordPress. The browser will ask the web server to retrieve each individual image. That means there will be at least six individual image requests to render this page. Six round-trip calls to the server is a bit expensive these days. Reducing round-trip server calls is at a premium when it comes to visitor experience and search rankings.

You can trace the network waterfall on this page. Then, run a network trace on this page’s counterpart that uses a CSS sprite. Compare the two results. Visit the CSS sprite page here.

Ini Bali on 35 mm film by mark l chavesIni Bali on 35 mm film by mark l chaves
Ini Bali by mark l chavesBalinality 35 mm fim by mark l chaves
This is Bali on 35mm film by freelance photographer mark l chavesStreet Photography Looking for Saul in Ubud Bali on 35 mm film - mark l chaves