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web development

i geek-out on your digital investments so that you can focus on your passion


i have over twenty years of experience slinging code and managing web development teams for Fortune 500 companies.

i actively maintain over twenty websites ranging in the retail, art, design, wellness, travel, & corporate fields.

why me?

transparency – i let you know what i’m doing because i think you should know. how else can you be educated about your website, make informed decisions, or get second opinions?

agile – i practice the Agile methodology. this means i adapt quickly to course changes. change happens in the blink of an eye. Agile methodology embraces change and provides a flexible framework for getting things done on time. i deliver working product in digestible chunks when you need it. and, you are kept in the loop all the time.

solutions – i’m a geek. i love to solve problems. this is my main motivation. i get inspired when i provide you a solution.

knowledge base

website design

Want to Create a Website? Top 5 Must Dos by mark l chaves

want to create a website?

  • can i use my free gmail account?
  • do i need a custom domain?
  • will my selfies be good enough?
  • should i worry about SEO?

checkout my top-5 recommendations before launching your site.

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Want to Create a Website? Top 5 Must Dos by mark l chaves

what’s the first thing people should see on your website?

  • your header is the first thing a visitor will see. so, what should go in it? images, buttons, taglines, all the above?
  • is a nav bar (menu) necessary? what about socials?

here are my five essential components for a home page header.

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website portfolio

more website features coming soon.

i'm no longer maintaining this site.
i'm moving this site to

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